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2017 STAR SAT Conversion Instructions
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Instructions for PAGE STAR 2017 SAT Scores Conversion

Changes for 2017 STAR only*:

The PAGE STAR program will accept scores from two versions of the SAT, the "old" three-part and the "new" two-part SAT. However, the old three-part SAT scores must be converted to the College Board new two-part SAT "section scores" in order to be accepted for the 2017 PAGE STAR Program. Please see conversion instructions below.

*(NOTE: Please alert your sophomores and juniors that the "old" three-part SAT will not be accepted for 2018 STAR. Thank you.)


To qualify for nomination:

The student with the highest totaled "section scores" in a single sitting should be nominated to be the PAGE STAR Student for your school. If, by chance, you have two or more students with the same score, the school is responsible to break the tie and determine the STAR nominee using GPA (the grade average numerically computed by utilizing the system normally utilized by the school.) The "tied" student with the highest GPA is to be nominated for STAR. NO TIES at the high school level will be allowed for STAR 2017.


If all of your seniors took only the "new" SAT, simply determine which student had the highest score on a single sitting/administration of the test and enter that student's scores on the "Evidence-Based Reading and Writing" section and the "Math" section on the PAGE STAR nomination website.


Minimum scores for both "section scores" are Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 530 and Math 530. The nomination website will be "open/live" after October 17, 2016; the deadline to enter nominations is December 15, 2016. The last acceptable SAT test date for STAR 2017 will be November 5, 2016. 


Conversion of old SAT scores & determination of nominee:

To convert the old three-part SAT score to the new two-part "section scores" to determine the total SAT "new" test equivalent score and nominate a student, follow these instructions:


Use the College Board Concordance Tables links below:


EXAMPLE: (Assume a student had scores on the "old" three-part SAT test of: Critical Reading 700; Writing 690; and Math 740.)


STEP ONE: Add the old SAT Critical Reading score and the old SAT Writing Score together and then, using the "Old SAT Writing plus Critical Reading Sections to New SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section" equivalent score on the new SAT.

(In our example, this would mean adding 700 to 690, for a total of 1390; and using the Concordance Table, the 1390 would convert to 730.)


STEP TWO: To determine the new SAT equivalent Math score, use the "Old SAT Math Section to New SAT Math Section Concordance Table." Based on the Concordance Table, the 740 in math would convert to 760 on the new test.


STEP THREE: Add the scores from STEP ONE and STEP TWO together to determine the total SAT "New" test equivalent score, which can now be compared to the total scores of the students who took the "New" SAT. (In our example, the combined score would be 1490.)


STEP FOUR: When entering the student's test scores on the PAGE STAR nomination website, the scores must be entered in "section scores" equivalent to the new SAT's two parts:

  1. Evidence Based Reading and Writing
  2. Math

In our example, the scores reported on the PAGE STAR nomination website would be Math Section: 760; Evidence Based Reading and Writing Section: 730. (The total score of 1490 will automatically be calculated on the nomination website.)


If you have any questions, please call the PAGE STAR office at 770-216-8555 or email us at


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