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What is FEA?

The Future Educators Association is an extracurricular program designed to provide middle and high school students with the opportunity to explore careers in education.  Many adults recall Future Teachers of America (FTA) clubs in high schools when they were students.  FEA is a refreshed and updated version of the same idea.

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Who sponsors FEA?

At the national and international level, FEA is sponsored by Phi Delta Kappa International (PDK) and has nearly 1,000 chapters located around the world.  The international FEA office links these chapters together by hosting an annual conference, offering advisor training sessions, publishing monthly newsletters, and maintaining a website with updated information about what chapters are doing worldwide.

In Georgia, FEA is a partnership of PDK and the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) Foundation and is known as FEA Georgia.  The PAGE Foundation provides the state office for FEA Georgia.  This office manages the network of FEA Georgia chapters, offers support to FEA advisors through trainings and communications, hosts two annual state conferences, and fields questions from advisors and anyone interested in learning more about FEA.

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Why start an FEA Georgia chapter?

While the economic downturn of recent years has resulted in teacher workforce reductions in some areas of Georgia, the demand for quality teachers is still a reality.  According to the University System of Georgia's Destination Teaching website, "There is a critical need for qualified teachers in Georgia; teachers who are professionally trained and certified to work with Georgia's diverse and growing population."  (Source:  A large percentage of Georgia's teaching workforce is at or nearing retirement age, and additional factors in the rising demand for teachers are increases in student enrollment and the loss of large numbers of novice teachers.  Clearly, our state needs to increase the number of capable, caring teachers available to Georgia’s classrooms.  FEA Georgia chapters serve not only to encourage young people into the noble profession of teaching, they also begin to prepare them for the realities of the classroom.  As we like to say, FEA gives students a chance to explore teaching "from the other side of the desk."

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My school/system already offers the Teaching as a Profession Pathway.  Do we really need FEA, as well?

FEA is an important complement to a high school curricular education program.  While these programs offer students a “curricular” means of getting a jump on their teacher preparation experience, FEA is an opportunity for those students to be connected to a larger network of students with similar interests and goals.  It also serves as an extracurricular opportunity for those students who might not yet be eligible to enroll in an education course (e.g., freshmen and sophomores), who don’t have room in their schedules for the education elective, or who may not be sure enough that they are interested in teaching to commit to a course.  FEA is a broader opportunity for more students and can serve as a feeder program to the education course.  If your school does offer the education pathway, you may want to consider asking the education teacher to serve as the FEA advisor, since the two can be a great fit together.

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My school/system hasn’t really suffered from a lack of teacher candidates.  Why should we have an FEA chapter?

It’s true that the teacher shortage problem does not affect all communities equally.  However, there are students in every community who hold the dream of one day becoming a teacher—or perhaps need a program like FEA to awaken that dream in them.  An FEA program can be the catalyst to helping a young person find his or her niche in life and to make a difference in the lives of many other students in decades to come.  In addition, communities can benefit when, through FEA, students gain perception on education from the other side of the desk.  Understanding a teacher’s perspective can prepare young people for their future roles as parents, civic leaders, school board members or education policymakers at the state level.

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What is the Principal’s role in an FEA chapter?

The principal is encouraged to provide guidance in selecting a chapter advisor and promoting the success of the chapter.  The principal is also encouraged to be as supportive as possible in approving field trips, fundraisers, etc., and in facilitating means for students to tutor, job shadow,  practice teach, etc.  The principal’s commitment to a chapter greatly affects its success.  More information on the principal’s role in FEA can be found in the FEA Handbook for Chapter Advisors.

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Who can be an FEA Chapter Advisor?

Selecting the best possible chapter advisor is critical to the success of the chapter.  It is recommended that this person be a faculty member who is enthusiastic about the profession, a positive role model, and an exemplary leader.  The chapter advisor is not required to be a member of PAGE, PDK or any particular professional association. More information on the chapter advisor’s role in FEA can be found in the FEA Handbook for Chapter Advisors.

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How much does it cost to have an FEA Georgia chapter?

There are two affiliations available: state and national. State affiliation is available through the PAGE Foundation and is "chapter-based," meaning each chapter pays only $30 per year. National affiliation is available through Phi Delta Kappa International (PDK) and is "individual-based," meaning each individual pays $8 per year . Among other benefits, state and national affiliations make your chapter eligible for discounted registration prices at state and national conferences. For state affiliation, click "Chapter Affiliation" on the right-hand navigation menu at the top of this page.  For national affiliation, visit the FEA National website at

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How will I know what to do with a new FEA chapter?

Step-by-step suggested procedures for generating interest and setting up a chapter are found in the FEA Handbook for Chapter Advisors, which is available to advisors of nationally affiliated chapters.  This handbook will guide you through the steps of getting started and provide you with a wealth of resources for running an active, viable chapter.

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Okay, I’m ready to get started.  What do I do first?

 Click on "How to Start a Chapter" on the right-hand navigation menu at the top of this page. 

If you have additional questions, contact the state FEA Georgia state director:

Mary Ruth Ray
Manager of Student Groups

PAGE Foundation
Office 912-654-0087
Toll-free 1-888-413-1078
Fax 912-654-2086
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