Upgrade Your Membership to Avoid Lapse in Coverage

Congratulations on your graduation! 

Now that you are ready for your first teaching job, it is important to understand that your SPAGE membership is a student membership; it does not cover you for any paid position in a school, even if it has not expired.  To be sure you have liability coverage and are eligible for your membership benefits, upgrade your membership to Professional.

Remember!  Your membership in SPAGE has made you eligible to receive your first year in PAGE at half price!

To get your half-price discount, select the following membership category:

"1st Year-Professional (if member as a Student or Support Personnel) $87.50."

When to Upgrade:

Upgrade your membership as soon as you sign a contract with a school system.  It is strongly recommended that you upgrade before the first day of school, as your student membership does not cover you as a paid employee (teacher, parapro, substitute, etc.).

How to Upgrade:

To upgrade, click here to access the PAGE membership web page.  

Choose from the following options:
·         Onlinecomplete payment is made online via credit/debit card. You will need your SS# or your SPAGE membership number. Update your personal information, then click on “Update Information and Continue to Payment.” On the next screen, select the correct membership category. “P” is for Professional, and “P1” is for 1st Year Professionals who were members of SPAGE (the half price discount). Click “Next” and continue with payment process.
·         Payroll Deduction – by far the most popular payment method; membership fees are deducted from your paycheck by the school system that employs you.  This simple process is self-renewing each year (as long as you remain employed by the same school system) so that you never have to worry about a lapse in coverage.  In order to join via payroll deduction, you must have already signed a contract with a school system.
·         Payroll Deduction Transfer Request – for payroll deduction members who are transferring school systems
·         Bank Draft –membership fees are deducted from your bank account on a monthly payment basis
·         By Mail – complete payment is mailed in to our office


If you have any questions about upgrading your membership, contact our membership department directly at 770-216-8555 (outside Atlanta 1-800-334-6861) or membership@pageinc.org.




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