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Region and State Winners
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State Winners

On January 30, 2016, the top twenty-four Regional Academic Bowl teams met at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville to determine the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Champion.  Here are the eight finalists.

State Champion

Chamblee Middle School - DeKalb County


Second Place

Five Forks Middle School - Gwinnett County


Third Place

Aaron Cohn Middle School - Muscgoee County


Fourth Place

Evans Middle School - Columbia County


Fifth Place

North Gwinnett Middle School - Gwinnett County


Sixth Place

Stallings Island Middle School - Columbia County


Seventh Place

South Forsyth Middle School - Forsyth County


Eighth Place

Heritage Middle School - Catoosa County


The final rankings for the remainder of the State Championship teams are listed below.

9th  Webb Bridge Middle School 17th  Bremen Middle School
10th  Renfroe Middle School 18th  Mount de Sales Academy
11th  Blackmon Road Middle School 19th (tie)
Palmer Middle School
12th  Oglethorpe Charter School Richmond Hill Middle School
13th  Oglethorpe County Middle School 21st  Red Bud Middle School
14th (tie)
Bonaire Middle School 22nd Prince Avenue Christian School
Hightower Trail Middle School 23rd Waycross Middle School
16th Arnall Middle School 24th Thomas County Middle School

Region Winners

The following schools were winners and runners-up at the regional competitions held on January 9, 2016.  The 24 winners have been invited to participate in the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Championship Competition at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville on January 23, 2016 (rescheduled for January 30 because of inclement weather).

Region 1

Host: La Fayette Middle School, La Fayette, GA
Regional Coordinator: Jamie Bloodworth

Winner (not pictured) - Heritage Middle School, Catoosa County Schools
Coaches: Pam O'Keefe, Denie Pursley



Winner - Red Bud Middle School, Gordon County Schools
Coaches: Jane Farist, Kristi Payne



Runner-up (not pictured) - La Fayette Middle School, Walker County Schools
Coach: Jamie Bloodworth



Runner-up - Unity Christian School, Floyd Independent School
Coach: Kim Moates


Region 2 - (additional photos)

Host: Mill Creek Middle School, Woodstock, GA
Regional Coordinators: Dr. Kerry Martin, Nick Zomer, Lee Smith

Winner - Hightower Trail Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coaches: Lauren Gray, Donna Flood


Winner - Palmer Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coaches: Terra Mahre, Darin Nash


Runner-up - Dodgen Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coach: Cole Hansard




Runner-up - Mill Creek Middle School, Cherokee County Schools
Coaches: Lee Smith, Nick Zomer


Region 3

Host: Oak Mountain Academy, Carrollton, GA
Regional Coordinator: Jay Louttit

Winner - Bremen Middle School, Bremen City Schools
Coaches: Denice Steed, Rhonda Poteet

Winner - Arnall Middle School, Coweta County Schools
Coaches: Dr. Sheila Barnes, Samantha Clark, Dr. Sharon Adkins


Runner-up - East Paulding Middle School, Paulding County Schools
Coaches: Chris Holcombe, Tori Norton, Freddie Harris


Runner-up - Oak Mountain Academy, Carroll Independent School

Coach: Jay Louttit


Region 4

Host: River Trail Middle School, Johns Creek, GA
Regional Coordinators: Scott Fowler, Betty Cropper



Winner - South Forsyth Middle School, Forsyth County Schools

Coach: Elizabeth Rushton



Winner - Webb Bridge Middle School, Fulton County Schools

Coaches: Brooke Wood, Jana Bernhardt


Runner-up (not pictured) - Autrey Mill Middle School, Fulton County Schools

Coaches: Robin Wexler, Ashley Doherty


Runner-up - The Westminster Schools, Fulton Independent School

Coaches: Stan, Tucker, Tom Pomeroy



Region 5

Host: Mt. Carmel Christian School, Stone Mountain, GA
Regional Coordinator: Cynthia Tew

Winner - Chamblee Middle School, DeKalb County Schools
Coaches: John Donegan, Cathy Hirsch
Winner - Renfroe Middle School, Decatur City Schools
Coaches: George, Lisa Paulsen



Runner-up - Kittredge Magnet School, DeKalb County Schools
Coaches: Sumi Jayaraman, Tara Goverdhan



Runner-up - The Paideia School, DeKalb Independent School
Coaches: Greg Changnon, Rachel Peterson


Region 6

Host: North Gwinnett Middle School, Sugar Hill, GA
Regional Coordinator: Scott Johnson


Winner - Five Forks Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coaches: Dennis Turnham, Angela Howell


Winner - North Gwinnett Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coach: Scott Johnson


Runner-up - Duluth Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coaches: Heather Godown, Jennifer Burley, Nathan Williams


Runner-up - Hull Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools

Coach: Teresa Hawkins

Region 7

Host: Hart County Middle School, Hartwell, GA
Regional Coordinator: Wilson Hein

Winner - Oglethorpe County Middle School
Coaches: Penny Miller, Ahna Chastain


Winner - Prince Avenue Christian School
Coaches: Julie Evans, Katie Gamble


Runner-up - Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson City Schools

Coach: Lindy Pals


Runner-up - West Jackson Middle School, Jackson County Schools

Coaches: Abigail Shealy, Sally Anne Short


Region 8

Host: Feagin Mill Middle School, Warner Robins, GA
Regional Coordinator: Kristy Yarbrough


Winner - Bonaire Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coaches: Mary Ellen Stuart, Dianne James
Winner - Mount de Sales Academy, Bibb Independent School
Coach: Keith Bartlett



Runner-up - Academy for Classical Education (ACE), Bibb County Schools

Coaches: Amber Molnar, Alena Nash, Brice Odom



Runner-up - Stratford Academy, Bibb Independent School

Coach: Susan Hanberry


Region 9

Host: Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus, GA
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Jay Cliett


Winner - Aaron Cohn Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coach: Tracy Greenfield



Winner (not pictured) - Blackmon Road Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coach: Nancy Butterworth



Runner-up - Brookstone Middle School, Muscogee Independent School

Coach: Amy R. Smith



Runner-up - Veteran's Memorial Middle School, Muscogee County Schools

Coach: Leeana Stotser

Region 10

Host: Thomas County Middle School, Thomasville, GA
Regional Coordinator: Heather Ward 


Winner - Thomas County Middle School, Thomas County Schools
Coaches: Gail Trotter, Heather Ward


Winner - Waycross Middle School, Ware County Schools
Coach: Ashley King


Runner-up - CA Gray Junior High School, Colquitt County Schools
Coach: Brandie Nolan


Runner-up - Willie J. Williams Middle School, Colquitt County Schools
Coaches: Angela Livingston, Jason Suber, Krista Boyd

Region 11

Host: Stallings Island Middle School, Martinez, GA
Regional Coordinator: Deborah Hundt


Winner - Evans Middle School, Columbia County Schools

Coaches: Ashley Bowles, Kathy Noyce



Winner - Stallings Island Middle School, Columbia County Schools

Coach: Deborah Hundt



Runner-up - Riverside Middle School, Columbia County Schools

Coaches: Melissa Jenkinson, Lisa Ballard




Runner-up - St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, Richmond Independent School

Coaches: Donna Skidmore, Barbara Lewis, Debbie Fain


Region 12

Host: West Chatham Middle School, Pooler, GA
Regional Coordinator: Alexander Roth

Winner - Oglethorpe Charter School, Savannah-Chatham County Schools
Coach: Monica McDermott


Winner - Richmond Hill Middle School, Bryan County Schools
Coaches: Sherry Oddi, Dana Letson, Cheryl Flanagan, Sibyl Finnegan


Runner-up - Arthur Williams Middle School, Wayne County Schools
Coaches: Pamela Hughes, Mallorie Blount

Runner-up (not pictured) - J.R. Trippe Middle School, Vidalia City Schools
Coach: Teresa Moore





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